Set off on my walk from Hobbiton to Rivendell

today I (we) started the Eowyn Challenge and set off walking from home (for those who haven’t seen my previous posts I am following in the hobbits’ footsteps thanks to

Packed up some provender (hula hoops, raisins, cranberries and water!) got wrapped up because it was raining and set off out of our front door.  Took my twin boys, two dogs and Nipper 360 double pushchair.

we walked to the top of the hill outside our house, crossed the road and found a public footpath across fields – all very picturesque

The hobbits (aka twins) run at full pelt across field after dogs, and me running like a maniac behind them pushing double wide pushchair, simultaneously taking photos on my phone – good huh?

is that orthanc I see in the distance? er no it’s an electric pylon

it was going great till we got to the end of the fields and then disaster struck in the form of a narrow bridge – how to get 2 dogs, two toddlers and a big pushchair over the bridge??????????????

answer: send dogs across, send twins across repeatedly telling them to ‘follow the dogs’ and ‘be careful’ open 2 packets of hula hoops, tell kids to sit down and let them entertain themselves eating said hula hoops and laughing at mummy trying to carry pram above her head over the bridge

I won’t even post pictures of the state of my clothes – look like I have been crawling through the mud lol

at this point all paths ended so we walked through lots more fields and a farm and eventually reached a road and walked uphill till we found ourselves on the main road near our estate.  Got home (after 2 hours of battling with pushchair through hedges and bumpy fields, felt all good about myself having done a really good walk.  Checked google maps and we had walked  – 1.4 miles……………….

FAIL.  lol – probably not even got to the end of Bagshot Row!  ah well we all had a good time and twins fast asleep now and dogs too!


4 Responses to “Set off on my walk from Hobbiton to Rivendell”

  1. Roger Bunting Says:

    Just telling you – in case you hadn’t seen it:


  2. Rachel Says:

    LOL And that is life with kids 😉 Surely you can add extra miles for all the carrying and out of the way walking? 😉

  3. cat Says:

    what fun to be found at your blog – hello form another crafting twin mummy xxxx

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