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NEW PROJECT FINISHED!! Brambly Hedge inspired Dolls house

September 2, 2012


food for Barbara :-)

May 27, 2011

Mini Food

May 22, 2011

Bag End on display at Dolls House Emporium!

August 29, 2010

took Bag End to the Dolls House Emporium at Ripley today.  Packed everything up in my trusty Games Workshop model briefcase – FAB for storing little models and miniatures

Bag End pieces packed up for travelling in my car

Dolls House Emporium had created a custom perspex box for it and done some lovely signs – really impressed.   A journalist came to take some photos too and an interview so will be in the paper this week 🙂

Sign in the Entrance to Dolls House Emporium

Bag End in the custom display case

 If anyone fancies visiting, directions to the store are here:

it is a massive shop full of all sorts of treasures and a lot of the things I bought for Bag End are on sale here!

progress on the prancing pony

May 27, 2010

coming along very slowly.  I have been really busy past couple of weeks and twins going to sleep a lot later with the light evenings.

I have been experimenting with different floors for the basement of the Inn – I wanted it to be rough stone.  The stones I used for Bag End are too ‘perfect’ for an Inn basement and they cost a fortune so I decided to make my own!

This is what I came up with and it only cost £5 wooohooo (made stones out of masonry cement and then grouted)  Then drybrushed with snakebite leather, bleached bone graveyard earth and a smidgen of fortress grey.  My warhammer chums will know what I am talking about 🙂 

This is the frame so far (you need a LOT of imagination to turn it into the prancing pony – luckily I have lots of this):

oh and I have been experimenting with the door sign – this is a VERY rough first attempt but you get the sort of idea (sorry phone is rubbish at taking pics at night – I claim no responsibility lol)

Set off on my walk from Hobbiton to Rivendell

May 10, 2010

today I (we) started the Eowyn Challenge and set off walking from home (for those who haven’t seen my previous posts I am following in the hobbits’ footsteps thanks to

Packed up some provender (hula hoops, raisins, cranberries and water!) got wrapped up because it was raining and set off out of our front door.  Took my twin boys, two dogs and Nipper 360 double pushchair.

we walked to the top of the hill outside our house, crossed the road and found a public footpath across fields – all very picturesque

The hobbits (aka twins) run at full pelt across field after dogs, and me running like a maniac behind them pushing double wide pushchair, simultaneously taking photos on my phone – good huh?

is that orthanc I see in the distance? er no it’s an electric pylon

it was going great till we got to the end of the fields and then disaster struck in the form of a narrow bridge – how to get 2 dogs, two toddlers and a big pushchair over the bridge??????????????

answer: send dogs across, send twins across repeatedly telling them to ‘follow the dogs’ and ‘be careful’ open 2 packets of hula hoops, tell kids to sit down and let them entertain themselves eating said hula hoops and laughing at mummy trying to carry pram above her head over the bridge

I won’t even post pictures of the state of my clothes – look like I have been crawling through the mud lol

at this point all paths ended so we walked through lots more fields and a farm and eventually reached a road and walked uphill till we found ourselves on the main road near our estate.  Got home (after 2 hours of battling with pushchair through hedges and bumpy fields, felt all good about myself having done a really good walk.  Checked google maps and we had walked  – 1.4 miles……………….

FAIL.  lol – probably not even got to the end of Bagshot Row!  ah well we all had a good time and twins fast asleep now and dogs too!

bag end rug

May 9, 2010

this is for jeanette 🙂

4 May, 2010 20:07

May 4, 2010

Pieces of wood for the external frame are cut yay!  I have marked out all the windows and so now just need to get my hole saws and jigsaw out to cut them out.

Then will need to measure and cut out pieces for the floors and internal walls.  I tell you something ‘proper’ buildings are soooooo much more complicated than one-floor hobbit holes.  I’m beginning to wonder if this project will take me a lot longer than Bag End!

VERY rough first draft of building plan!

Visit to Hardwick Hall and Bolsover Castle

May 2, 2010

took the twins to Bolsover Castle and Hardwick hall.  They love castles so much that I joined English Heritage which lets you get into these places for free.  I haven’t been to Bolsover castle since I was a kid and my mum told me the other day that I loved them when I was young so seems the boys are following in my footsteps!

Was quite interesting for me too to see the baking ovens built into the walls etc – going to put one of those in the prancing pony I think!

View from the top of the old hall

I have started ‘The Prancing Pony’

May 2, 2010

Drew up all the plans, spent a LOT of time trying to work out measurements and drew out all the shapes to cut out in MDF wood over this weekend.

then my partner Graham helped me cut out some of the pieces today – I pick up a saw, make a pathetic attempt at cutting in a straight line, and he gets all alpha male and takes the saw away and cuts the pieces – hooray!

unfortunately for me, I measured half of the pieces wrongly!!!  I had to allow 6mm for the depth of the wood, so the side pieces had to be cut 6mm shorter.  I’m sat there subtracting 6 from all the sides, and I subtracted CENTIMETRES not millimetres DUHHHHHH

so need to get some more wood on Tuesday because all the sides are too small.  Anyone who knows me will not be surprised – numbers are NOT my strong point.